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In the following paper, the novel method for color image encryption has proposed based on high level chaotic maps . We introduced two novel chaotic maps “Cosinus-Arcsinus (CA)” and “Sinus-Power Logistic (SPL)”, which have better chaotic behaviour against other available chaotic maps. Our scheme like other image encryption schemes has two main phases, which(More)
This paper, presents a novel chaos-based image steganography algorithm. Because of efficient property of chaos based security systems besides steganography applicability in providing secure communication, chaos based steganography algorithms served as a hot topic in recent researches. The proposed scheme possess novelties and advantageous such as: 1)(More)
In this paper, the digital image fragile watermarking method based on chaotic maps is proposed. Our method has some significant advantageous in comparison with other available methods. Firstly, we reduce watermark payloads, while they have high quality of recovery and security. In watermark embedding phase, we process the image in order to produce the(More)
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