Amir S. Sheth

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The Explanatory Model Interview Catalogue (EMIC) has been developed to elicit illness-related perceptions, beliefs, and practices in a cultural study of leprosy and mental health in Bombay. Leprosy is an especially appropriate disorder for studying the inter-relationship of culture, mental health and medical illness because of deeply rooted cultural(More)
We describe a new species of the basal mammaliaform Docodon, D. apoxys, sp. nov., represented by three nearly complete dentaries from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of central Colorado. This species differs from other known species of Docodon in the relative heights of the principal molar cusps and in the size of the distal molars. In addition, we(More)
We compared acute effects of single intravenous administrations of metoclopramide (40 mg) and placebo in a double-blind crossover study involving 81 patients with tardive dyskinesia. Metoclopramide produced significantly greater reduction in mean total Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale score as well as in ratings for six of the seven body areas, when(More)
We studied 24-hour urinary excretion of phenylethylamine (PEA) and creatinine in 50 schizophrenic (39 paranoid and 11 nonparanoid) and 19 nonpsychiatric patients from Bombay, India. Methods for diagnosis, clinical assessment, and 24-hour urine collection were identical to those used in an earlier study done in a Washington, D.C. hospital. Clinical(More)
We screened the entire inpatient population (N = 1963) of a state hospital near Bombay, India, for tardive dyskinesia (TD) using specific diagnostic criteria. Prevalence of TD was found to be 9.6%, which was much lower than that reported from the Western countries. Percent prevalence of TD was greatest in the age group 41 to 50, after which it seemed to(More)
Clobazam, a new antianxiety compound, was compared in a double-blind study with diazepam in 40 neurotic outpatients. Twenty-three patients completed the trial under clobazam conditions while 17 patients completed the trial under diazepam conditions. The trial was conducted for a period of four weeks of active drug administration followed by a one-week(More)
Congenital lesions by definition are present at birth; but certain congenital lesions of the head and neck, like branchial cysts and dermoid cysts, clinically present in childhood, early adulthood or late in life. A good history and a high degree of suspicion are the key to the adequate management of such lesions. Here we present a series of six case(More)
Malignant Otitis Externa, though a misnomer, definitely alarms the surgeon, the idea that it behaves and spreads like a malignancy, in elderly diabetics, and if not treated deligently, can be fatal. Though the main line of treatment is medical, surgical intervention should not be deferred if indicated. We are presenting one such case where we have not only(More)