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A well-characterized set of large-scale laboratory experiments is presented, illustrating forced imbibition displacements in the presence of irreducible wetting phase saturation in a cylindrical, homogeneous Berea sandstone rock. Experiments are designed to operate in the regime of compact microscopic flows and large-scale viscous instability. The(More)
Many private organisations and public sector agencies develop information and communication technology (ICT) business cases, and utilise them for better ICT investment decision making. The development of ICT business cases in private sector is relatively ad hoc and compact in size. In contrast, agencies in public sector are accountable to taxpayers for(More)
In order to document the exposure to trace metals among urban schoolchildren and rural working children, we measured the urinary concentrations of metals in schoolchildren from two areas of differing traffic intensity in Lahore, and in children working in carpet weaving or the brick industry outside Lahore. In a cross-sectional design, we recruited a(More)
Title of dissertation: DIRECT NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF INCOMPRESSIBLE MULTIPHASE FLOW WITH PHASE CHANGE Moon Soo Lee, Doctor of Philosophy, 2015 Dissertation directed by: Professor Amir Riaz Department of Mechanical Engineering Phase change problems arise in many practical applications such as air-conditioning and refrigeration, thermal energy storage(More)
Most of the existing Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) teach students based on their domain knowledge. Explicit cognitive skills of the students are generally not considered before delivering any lesson. This paper discusses an application of ITS employing cognitive modeling as a main tool to understand learner and correspondingly impart teaching. Here, in(More)
Introduction: Monetization of perks and benefits is expected to be a cost effective approach for providing benefits to employees in an organization and minimizing administrative overheads and hassles. Problem: The monetization of perks and benefits is not equally feasible and applicable in government organizations as it happens for private companies because(More)