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1 The understanding of human emotions in online activities including e-commerce, information acquisition, decision making, and social networking is increasingly of interest to information systems (IS) research and practice. A number of studies have tackled the issue of online emotional experiences, such as exploring the role of " pleasantness " for(More)
Many private organisations and public sector agencies develop information and communication technology (ICT) business cases, and utilise them for better ICT investment decision making. The development of ICT business cases in private sector is relatively ad hoc and compact in size. In contrast, agencies in public sector are accountable to taxpayers for(More)
In order to prevent CO 2 concentrations in the atmosphere from rising to unacceptable levels, carbon dioxide is sequestered beneath the ground surface. CO 2 can be trapped as a gas under a low-permeable cap rock (structural trapping) or can dissolve into the ground water (hydrodynamic trapping); it can also react with minerals and organic matter that are(More)
Most of the existing Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) teach students based on their domain knowledge. Explicit cognitive skills of the students are generally not considered before delivering any lesson. This paper discusses an application of ITS employing cognitive modeling as a main tool to understand learner and correspondingly impart teaching. Here, in(More)
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