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The choice of relevant techniques in preprocessing, segmentation and feature extraction is very efficient and effective in rate of online handwriting recognition system. This paper presents a novel deductive method for detecting critical points of the Persian/Arabic handwritten character system in all their different shapes. The implemented method has(More)
Visual search for a specific object in an unknown environment by autonomous robots is a complex task. The key challenge is to locate the object of interest while minimizing the cost of search in terms of time or energy consumption. Given the impracticality of examining all possible views of the search environment, recent studies suggest the use of attentive(More)
Visual search is a fundamental problem in autonomous robotics. Traditionally, visual search is formulatedas an optimization problem in which the sequence of actions ischosen based on immediate efficiency. In this paper we examinethe effects of the task constraint in the form of maximumallowable cost on action selection in search. We propose threealgorithms,(More)
—In this paper we present a novel dataset for a critical aspect of autonomous driving, the joint attention that must occur between drivers and of pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers. This dataset is produced with the intention of demonstrating the behavioral variability of traffic participants. We also show how visual complexity of the behaviors and(More)
The contribution of this paper is twofold. The first is a novel dataset for studying behaviors of traffic participants while crossing. Our dataset contains more than 650 samples of pedestrian behaviors in various street configurations and weather conditions. These examples were selected from approx. 240 hours of driving in the city, suburban and rural(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the effect of color space selection on detectability and discriminability of colored objects under various conditions. 20 color spaces from the literature are evaluated on a large dataset of simulated and real images. We measure the suitability of color spaces from two different perspectives: detectability and discriminability(More)
—Algorithms for robotic visual search can benefit from the use of visual attention methods in order to reduce computational costs. Here, we describe how three distinct mechanisms of visual attention can be integrated and productively used to improve search performance. The first is viewpoint selection as has been proposed earlier using a greedy search over(More)
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