Amir Rajabzadeh

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To enhance the error detection capability in COTS (commercial off-the-shelf)-based design of safety-critical systems, a new hardware-based control flow checking (CFC) technique is presented. This technique, control flow checking by execution tracing (CFCET), employs the internal execution tracing features available in COTS processors and an external(More)
Developing smart house systems has been a great challenge for researchers and engineers in this area because of the high cost of implementation and evaluation process of these systems, while being very time consuming. Testing a designed smart house before actually building it is considered as an obstacle towards an efficient smart house project. This is(More)
At the start of the second decade of 21th century, the time has come to make the Smart Houses a reallity for regular use. The different parts of a Smart House are researched but there are still distances from an applicable system, using the modern technology. In this paper we present an overview of the Smart House subsystems necessary for controlling the(More)
The ARMrayan Multimedia Mobile CMS (Content Management System) is the first mobile CMS that gives the opportunity to users for creating multimedia J2ME mobile applications with their desired content, design and logo; simply, without any need for writing even a line of code. The low-level programming and compatibility problems of the J2ME, along with UI(More)
In this paper, a generic model for smart house remote control systems is proposed, implemented and tested using the software and hardware simulators presented with it. Smart house systems currently available lack a generic model for neither supporting different remote control modules nor standard testing beds. The comprehensive model presented in this paper(More)