Amir R. Moghimi

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In the context of array processing for speech and audio applications , linear beamforming has long been the approach of choice, for reasons including good performance, robustness and analytical simplicity. Nevertheless, various nonlinear techniques , typically based on the study of auditory scene analysis, have also been of interest. The class of techniques(More)
Array-based time-frequency masking algorithms are an important type of nonlinear array processing. In this paper we develop a model that characterizes the directional sensitivity of these algorithms in a fashion similar to commonly-used the beam patterns used to characterize linear array processing. Two alternative formulations are described , and it is(More)
iii Acknowledgements I'd like to begin by thanking my advisor, Dr. Richard Stern. His support – financial, intellectual and moral – has carried me through graduate school. His belief in me has bolstered my own resolve and sustained my efforts. Most importantly, though, he has been a mentor and role model, one worthy of my respect and admiration; truly, that(More)
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