Amir Nassirharand

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A new step-by-step procedure for solving sets of implicit nonlinear algebraic equations that may be coupled with sets of nonlinear and time varying integro-differential equations is presented. The approach is based on a number of nested Newton-Raphson loops for solving the nonlinear algebraic equations followed by application of a numerical procedure (such(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present a new systematic procedure for decoupling and command tracking of multivariable, nonlinear, and unstable systems. The design methodology is based on stabilization of the multivariable system followed by generating its describing function models; two algebraic procedures for decoupling and tracking are utilized.(More)
This work presents a nonlinear lead-lag controller synthesis for a nonlinear unstable system. Nonlinear lead-lag controller is design based on describing function technique. Unstable system will first be stabilized by designing a stabilizing controller. System will then be excited by known sinusoidal input to generate describing function model of the(More)