Amir Mootabi Alavi

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P2X receptors have been suggested to play a role in the transduction of sensory signals such as pain and sound. In the present study, polyclonal antibodies against P2X1 to P2X6 receptors were used to localize P2X receptors in circumvallate and fungiform papillae of rats. Nerve fibres innervating the taste buds stained intensely with P2X3 receptor(More)
Evidence is accumulating which supports a role for ATP in the initiation of pain by acting on P2X receptors, in particular P2X3, expressed on nociceptive afferent nerve terminals. To investigate whether this receptor plays a role in dental pain, we studied the presence and distribution of P2X3 receptors in human dental pulp, and their co-localization with(More)
Whole blood samples were collected from 117 male clinically healthy Camelus dromedarius aged between 6 months to 18 years from several farms in Yazd Province of Iran. Trypanosoma evansi-affected camels were detected by Giemsa-stained blood smears, and the positive blood samples (4 out of 117) were submitted to PCR examination and phylogenetic analysis.(More)
Linguatula serrata is one of the important zoonotic parasites. Carnivores serve as definitive host. The larvae existed in mesenteric lymph nodes (MLNs), liver, lungs, etc of intermediate herbivores. The definitive host becomes infected by ingesting viscera containing the infective nymphal stage. Humans may be infected with Linguatula either by ingestion of(More)
The objective of this experiment was to elucidate the aspects of differential circulatory cell responses during experimental coccidiosis in goat. A total of twenty newborn kids were selected; ten of them were infected with sporulated oocysts of the most pathogenic species of Eimeria and the remainder served as control. and 35 days post infection (dpi) and(More)
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