Amir-Masoud Eftekhari-Moghadam

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This paper introduces a new feature vector for shape-based image indexing and retrieval. This feature classi5es image edges based on two factors: their orientations and correlation between neighboring edges. Hence it includes information of continuous edges and lines of images and describes major shape properties of images. This scheme is e8ective and(More)
In this paper a novel image steganography technique that combines the Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is proposed. It embeds secret image in frequency domain of cover image with high matching quality by using Munkres' assignment algorithm. Also, we embed the secret image in different coefficients of cover image bands such(More)
Segmentation is a low level operation that can segment the image in discrete and homogenous regions. Otsu’s method for image segmentation selects an optimum threshold by maximizing the variance Intra-clusters in a gray level image. However, with increasing the number of classes, the total runtimes also increase exponentially. Due to the fact, that a large(More)
Increased amount of visual data in several applications necessitates content-based image retrieval. Since most of visual data is stored in compressed form, it is crucial to develop indexing techniques for searching images based on their content in compressed form. Therefore, it is desirable to explore image compression techniques with capability of(More)