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The paper presents a new model for cognitive reasoning using fuzzy neural nets. The analysis of the proposed model yields guaranteed stability of the temporal fuzzy inferences, derived from the network and conditional stability of the structure of the cognitive map, framed by the arcs of the network. The results arrived at in the paper have been illustrated(More)
The terminal provides real time computer access and control with effective. graphic communication of design status, results and tradeoffs. It is usually augmented with hardcopy equipment and off-line printing facilities to provide permanent records of the communication. The subroutine library contains all design algorithms needed for a specified class of(More)
A multi-rate multi-loop digital control system is a special class of a time varying system which contains two or more sampling switches operating at different data rates and two or more signal flow loops. When the ratio of the different rates are integers (i. e,, in practice most often powers of two) it is possible to analyze a multi-rate multi-loop system(More)
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