Amir Javadi

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PURPOSE Febrile seizures are induced by fever and are the most common type of seizures in children. Although numerous studies have been performed on febrile seizures, their pathophysiology remains unclear. Recent studies have shown that cytokines may play a role in the pathogenesis of febrile seizures. The present study was conducted to identify potential(More)
Febrile seizures are the most common form of childhood seizures. Although the literature associates certain micronutrients with febrile seizures, there is limited information about the effects of such micronutrients. This study aimed to determine the relationship between serum selenium level and simple febrile seizures in children. This case-control study(More)
It is known that neuropeptide Y which is widely distributed throughout the central nervous system is able to prevent seizures in animals. There are limited studies about the role of neuropeptide Y in febrile seizures. This study was conducted to evaluate the association between plasma neuropeptide Y level and febrile seizures in children. Seventy six(More)
BACKGROUND The control of postoperative pain is important in children, and poor pain control leads to organ dysfunction and behavioral problems. OBJECTIVES We compared the analgesic effects of suppository acetaminophen, bupivacaine wound infiltration, and caudal block with bupivacaine on postoperative pain in pediatric inguinal herniorrhaphy. PATIENTS(More)
OBJECTIVE There are some reports in which a condition of zinc deficiency and its associated outcomes with a change in concentration of serum copper among the thalassemic patients has been highlighted. The aim of this prospective study was to determine the serum zinc and copper levels in children with beta-thalassemia major. METHODS In this cross sectional(More)
BACKGROUND Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is a major health problem in many parts of Iran, although diagnosis of CL especially in the endemic area is easy, but treatment and management of the disease is a global dilemma. Diagnosis of CL in non-endemic area is not as simple as in endemic foci. In this study, the status and the proportions of CL induced by(More)
Various synthetic derivatives of natural flavonoids are known to have neuroactive properties. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of rutin (3, 3', 4', 5, 7-pentahydroxyflavone-3-rhamnoglucoside), a flavonoid that is an important dietary constituent of foods and plant-based beverages, on memory retrieval in rats. To this end, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Vertical root fracture (VRF) is a complication which is chiefly diagnosed radiographically. Recently, film-based radiography has been substituted with digital radiography. At the moment, there is a wide range of monitors available in the market for viewing digital images. The present study aims to compare the diagnostic accuracy, sensitivity(More)
Fault detection is of a high importance, because if the fault diagnosis is not done, it is possible that gained data would not be correct and so would be decision making. Perfect and safe sensors and defected sensors, should be separated from each other. In this paper we have presented a distributed algorithm to detect the faulty sensors, This method is(More)
Objective. Febrile seizures are the most common type of convulsion in children. The identification of influencing factors on incidence of the first febrile seizures is of prime priority. The aim of this study was to identify the risk factors of the first febrile seizures in Iranian children. Methods. In this case-control study 80 children aged 9 month to 5(More)