Amir Jafargholi

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In this paper, an analytical method to characterize the frequency behaviour of Composite Right/Left Handed (CRLH) loaded printed dipole antenna is presented. One needs to determine the parameters of ungrounded reactive components realizing CRLH structures. Efficient resonant RLC circuit models based on Partial Elements Theory are presented to calculate(More)
Spiral phased array antenna nulling is presented. The array factor and classic method for spiral array antenna proposed here. Proposed method and genetic algorithm for optimization of fixed nulling in spiral array antenna are used and compared. The goal is to achieve a -20 dB in null over the wide frequency band. Our simulation shows -20 dB over 75 MHz null(More)
In recent years, introducing metamaterials based on theory established by Veselago, opened the way for many researcher groups to enhance the antenna performances (Veselago, 1968; Veysi et al., 2010; Rafaei et al., 2010; Veysi et al., 2011; Rafaei et al., 2011; Jafargholi et al., 2010; Jafargholi et al., 2011). A standard procedure has been also established(More)
The main problems in phased array antenna are mutual coupling and ground effects that destroys the designed radiation pattern. In this paper these undesired effects is compensated over 5 dB for mutual coupling effect and about 10 dB for both mutual coupling and ground effects in wide frequency band 30-88 MHz.
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