Amir Hossein Saveh

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A method has been introduced in this paper to measure the kinematics of a knee joint and to use it as a boundary condition to model the knee’s mechanical behaviour. A mobile C-Arm fluoroscopy system (Ziehm Vision R) and a CCD camera were used for the measurement of a patient’s knee kinematics. The fluoroscopic images were recorded with 12 fps and then sent(More)
Objective: On a cervical disk, the bulge may be produced in the poster lateral direction when there is a combination of lateral bending and compression loading. Although attempts have been made to measure the kinematics of intact vertebral spine but has not been compared with a vertebral spine when the dicks are bulged. The study aims to investigate the(More)
Free-hand pedicle screw placement is still conventional in surgery, although it has potentially high risks. The surgical procedures such as pedicle screw placement are usually designed based on medical imaging, but during surgery, the procedures are not normally followed due to the fact that some points are missed in two-dimensional images and seen only(More)
It is very important to pay more attention to spine from the biomechanical perspective. It would allow the analysis of initial conditions of the vertebral disc degeneration syndrome and adopting of normal spine kinematics to compare and match it with a degenerated disc and providing a biomechanical index as an indicator for the conduct of any surgical(More)
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