Amir Hossein Rashidi

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We compared the goodness of fit of three mathematical functions (including: Legendre polynomials, Lidauer-Mäntysaari function and Wilmink function) for describing the lactation curve of primiparous Iranian Holstein cows by using multiple-trait random regression models (MT-RRM). Lactational submodels provided the largest daily additive genetic (AG) and(More)
In this paper, a four-phase 8/6-pole 4-kW SR motor drive model is presented. Based on experimental data, the model allows an accurate simulation of a drive in dynamic operation. Simulations are performed and a laboratory type setup is built based on a TI TMS320F2812 platform to experimentally verify the theoretical results obtained for a SR motor. To reduce(More)
In this paper keeping position and zero torque (KP-ZT) control of switched reluctance motor (SRM) drives is proposed to avoid any movement when used for charging reactor in electric vehicles. A sliding mode position control technique as an outer loop and zero torque control method as an inner loop are used to attain this. Whereas, power factor correction(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an inflammatory lung disease mainly caused by tobacco smoke inhalation. METHODS Fifteen healthy adult male cats were categorized into 3 groups: (1) control group, (2) exposed to cigarette smoke (CS), and (3) exposed to CS treated with tiotropium. RESULTS Increases in clinical signs and airway(More)
In this paper, for speed control with torque ripple minimization of switched reluctance motor drives an optimal speed controller based on Elitist-Mutated Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization (EM-MOPSO) with good accuracies, and performances is presented. The control mechanism is composed of an adaptive sliding mode speed controller to determine the(More)
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