Amir Hossein Gholamipour

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In this paper we propose a spectrum of designs for filters in multi-mode communication systems. The proposed designs lie in between generic filter to fully optimized coefficient specific filter. For each design a reconfigurable section and a static section are defined. We propose an algorithm to optimize the size of the reconfigurable section of each design(More)
Software Defined Radio (SDR) base stations can compensate for failures in disaster scenarios by assimilating different communication technologies. FPGAs play an important role in the platform of an SDR base station because of flexibility and DSP processing power that they deliver. The flexibility of FPGAs comes at the high cost of reconfiguration time(More)
In this paper, we present co-processor selection problem for minimum energy consumption in hw/sw co-design on FPGAs with dual power mode. We provide theoretical analysis for the problem under no constraint, resource constraint, and timing constraint. We prove that the complexity of the problem in each case is NP-Hard and we provide a generalized ILP(More)
—Wide range of digital systems from wireless devices to multi-media terminals are characterized by their multi-mode behavior. Many of these systems are deployed in high-radiation environments [5]. SRAM-based FPGAs are popular platforms to implement multi-mode systems, because of their high performance and reconfigurability. However, high susceptibility of(More)
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