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Requirements should specify expectations on a software system and testing should ensure these expectations are met. Thus, to enable high product quality and efficient development it is crucial that requirements and testing activities and information are aligned. A lot of research has been done in the respective fields Requirements Engineering and Testing(More)
A new dual-band frequency selective surface (FSS) is introduced in this paper. By having a miniaturized unit cell size, the proposed FSS transmission response shows minimal sensitivity to the angle of the incident electromagnetic wave. The two passband frequencies of the proposed configuration can be controlled independently by tunning the unit cell(More)
This paper presents results of experimentations on the integration of human operators and automation in the context of assembly systems. Several experiments have been conducted to evaluate the use of augmented reality applications in order to provide dynamic work instructions and online feedback information to a shop-floor operator. Based on these results,(More)
This paper presents an empirical study of control logic specifications used to document industrial control logic code in manufacturing applications. More than one hundred input/output related property specifications from ten different reusable function blocks were investigated. The main purpose of the study was to provide understanding of how the(More)
This article presents a tunable bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS) based on varactor diodes. The FSS is made of three metallic layers that are separated from each other by two thin dielectric spacers. Tunability is achieved by loading varactor diodes on the front and back layers. The varactors are connected to the middle layer wire grid and are(More)
A challenge for highly configurable products, like vehicles, is that the product system has to support all possible variants that can be configured by a customer. The production system is often highly automated with software in robots, machines and programmable logic controllers that need to be prepared to handle all possible variants. The link between the(More)
—A second-order bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS) for terahertz applications is experimentally demonstrated in this paper. The proposed FSS is designed using miniaturized element unit cells that enable analysis of their frequency by an equivalent circuit model. A transmission zero is introduced in the upper stopband of the transmission response for(More)
Product platforms are commonly used in industries with complex products and high competition like the car and truck industry to allow a customer to order a product that satisfy its unique needs. A consequence of product variety is that manufacturing and assembly processes need to deal with this variety as well. If the variety is low and changes of the(More)
In the automotive industry in general, but in particular for trucks, the vehicle can be configured to fit specific needs of every customer. For trucks, this means that one truck physically can be very different from another truck, for example one truck may be configured to support long-distance transportation, another will be used for inner-city(More)
Gothenburg the non-exclusive right to publish the Work electronically and in a non-commercial purpose make it accessible on the Internet. The Authors warrant that they are the authors to the Work, and warrant that the Work does not contain text, pictures or other material that violates copyright law. The Authors shall, when transferring the rights of the(More)
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