Amir Hosein Ghods

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This paper deals with the problem of ramp metering along with speed limit control of the freeway networks in order to reduce the peak hour congestion. An adaptive fuzzy control is proposed to solve the problem. To calibrate the fuzzy controller, genetic algorithm is used to tune the fuzzy sets parameters so that the total time spent in the network remains(More)
This paper tackles the problem of real-time optimal control of traffic flow in a freeway network deployed with coordinated and integrated traffic controllers. One promising approach to this problem is casting the underlying dynamic control problem in a model predictive framework. The challenge is that the resulting optimization problem is computationally(More)
Bioprocesses, which are involved in producing different antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products, may be conveniently classified according to the mode chosen for the process: either batch, fed-batch or continuous. From the control engineer's viewpoint it is the fed-batch processes, however, which present the greatest challenge to get a pure product(More)
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