Amir Grinshpon

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Noise analysis has become a critical concern in advanced chip designs. Traditional methods suffer from two common issues. First, noise that is propagated through the driver of a net is combined with noise injected by capacitively coupled aggressor nets using linear summation. Since this ignores the non-linear behavior of the driver gate the noise that(More)
High performance circuits are facing increasingly severe signal integrity problems due to crosstalk noise and crosstalk noise awareness has become an integral part of static timing analysis (STA). Existing crosstalk noise aware STA methods compute noise induced delay uncertainty on a net by net basis and in a pessimistic way, without considering the overlap(More)
Coupled noise analysis has become a critical issue for deep-submicron, high performance design. In this paper, we present, ClariNet, an industrial noise analysis tool, which was developed to efficiently analyze large, high performance processor designs. We present the overall approach and tool flow of ClariNet and discuss three critical large-processor(More)
Even after the successful introduction of Cu-based metallization, the electromigration (EM) failure risk has remained one of the most important reliability concerns for most advanced process technologies. Ever increasing operating current densities and the introduction of low-k materials in the backend process scheme are some of the issues that threaten(More)
Due to rapid advances in psychiatric treatment, increased sophistication of welfare services, and increasing life expectancy, the number of psychiatric patients is increasing rapidly. Many of them do not have the necessary adaptive capacity to deal satisfactorily with their daily functions, such as housework, financial arrangements, and medical treatment.(More)
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