Amir Ghahremani

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To achieve reliable solutions, today’s numerical and experimental activities need developing more accurate methods and utilizing expensive facilities, respectfully in microchannels. The analytical study can be considered as an alternative approach to alleviate the preceding difficulties. Among the analytical solutions, those with high robustness and low(More)
Many multimedia applications need to track moving objects. Consequently, designing a robust tracking system is a vital requirement for them. This paper proposes a new method for visual object tracking, which uses the mean shift tracking algorithm to derive the most similar target candidate to the target model. Bhattacharyya coefficient is employed to(More)
Motion estimation is a critical and time consuming part in most video encoders which affects highly the quality of output video sequence. Block matching techniques are usually used to estimate the motion. Among these, the Predictive Block Matching algorithms try to guess the location of the best matching block before searching for its decisive coordination.(More)
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