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We propose two computational approaches for improving the retrieval of planar shapes. First, we suggest a geometrically motivated quadratic similarity measure, that is optimized by way of spectral relaxation of a quadratic assignment. By utilizing state-of-the-art shape descriptors and a pairwise serialization constraint, we derive a formulation that is(More)
Spectral Matching (SM) is a computationally efficient approach to approximate the solution of pairwise matching problems that are np-hard. In this paper, we present a probabilistic interpretation of spectral matching schemes and derive a novel Probabilistic Matching (PM) scheme that is shown to outperform previous approaches. We show that spectral matching(More)
We present a a statistical approach to skew detection, where the textual features of a document image are mod-eled as a mixture of straight lines in Gaussian noise. The EM algorithm is used to estimate the parameters of the mixture model and the skew angle estimate is extracted from the estimated parameters. Experiments prove that our method has some(More)
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