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Network latency is a problem for all cloud services. It can be mitigated by moving computation out of remote datacenters by rapidly instantiating local services near the user. This requires an embedded cloud platform on which to deploy multiple applications securely and quickly. We present Jitsu, a new Xen tool-stack that satisfies the demands of secure(More)
We are in a 'personal data gold rush' driven by advertising being the primary revenue source for most online companies. These companies accumulate extensive personal data about individuals with minimal concern for us, the subjects of this process. This can cause many harms: privacy infringement, personal and professional embarrassment, restricted access to(More)
We discuss the problem of building a user-acceptable infrastructure for a large organisation that wishes to measure its employees' travel-to-work carbon footprint, based on the gathering of high resolution geolocation data on employees in a privacy-sensitive manner. This motivated the construction of a distributed system of <i>personal containers</i> in(More)
Nowadays, typical applications spawn a large set of heterogeneous computing and storage devices with very different technical properties. For instance, the “cloud” is a high-latency, low bandwidth, high-availability storage device but can be costly; smart-phones and tablets are replaced every couple of years and are very limited in term of battery usage;(More)
The de facto architecture of today's Internet services all but removes users' ability to establish inter-device connectivity except through centrally controlled " cloud " services. Whilst undeniably convenient, the centralised data silos of the cloud remain opaque and an attractive target for attackers. A range of mechanisms exist for establishing secure(More)
This demo presents Signposts, a system to provide users with a secure, simple mechanism to establish and maintain communication channels between their personal cloud of named devices. Signpost names exist in the DNSSEC hierarchy, and resolve to secure end-points when accessed by existing DNS clients. Signpost clients intercept user connection intentions(More)
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