Amir Boag

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A novel algorithm for fast computation of tomographic image projections is presented. The method comprises a decomposition of an image into subimages followed by an aggregation of projections computed for the subimages. The multilevel domain decomposition algorithm is formulated as a recursive procedure. The computational cost of the proposed algorithm is(More)
A survey of electromagnetic integral-equation solvers, implemented on graphics processing units (GPUs), is presented. Several key points for effi cient GPU implementations of integral-equation solvers are outlined. Three spatial-interpolation-based algorithms, including the Nonuniform-Grid Interpolation Method (NGIM), the box Adaptive-Integral Method(More)
A novel algorithm to rapidly compute transient wave fields radiated by three-dimensional temporally band-limited source constellations is proposed. Just like its two-level predecessor, the Multilevel Cartesian Non-uniform Grid Time Domain (ML_CNGTD) algorithm leverages the observation that transient wave fields generated by temporally band-limited and(More)
We derive an exact spectral representation for the Green's function of Maxwell equations in a two-dimensional homogeneous and rotating environment. The formulation is developed in the medium (noninertial) rest frame, and it represents the response to a point source, where both the source and observation points rotate together with the medium. The closed(More)
Photonic crystal microcavities, formed by local defects within an otherwise perfectly periodic structure, can be used as narrowband optical resonators and filters. The coupled-cavity waveguide (CCW) is a linear array of equally spaced identical microcavities. Tunneling of light between microcavities forms a guiding effect, with a central frequency and(More)
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