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— The fault detection and isolation (FDI) problem for discrete-time two-dimensional (2D) systems represented by the Fornasini-Marchesini model II is investigated in this work. It is shown that the sufficient conditions for solvability of the FDI problem that we have developed recently for the Roesser model is also applicable to this class of 2D systems. In(More)
In this work, we develop a novel fault detection and isolation (FDI) scheme for discrete-time two-dimensional (2D) systems that are represented by the Fornasini-Marchesini model II (FMII). This is accomplished by generalizing the geometric approach of one-dimensional (1D) systems to 2D systems. The basic invariant subspaces including unobservable,(More)
—In this paper, a novel hybrid structure is proposed for the development of health monitoring techniques of nonlinear systems by integration of model-based and computationally intelligent and data-driven techniques. In our proposed health monitoring framework, the well-known particle filtering method is utilized to estimate the states as well as the health(More)
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