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UNLABELLED Hypersensitivity reactions to natural rubber latex have increased recently, especially among people with high exposure to latex allergens. Hypersensitivity reactions to latex are related to many conditions like occupational asthma. Our study was performed to determine the prevalence of hypersensitivity to natural rubber latex and potential food(More)
The pars cohort study (PCS) is a 10-year cohort study aiming to investigate the burden and the major risk factors of non-communicable diseases, and to establish a setting to launch interventions for prevention of these diseases and controlling their risk factors. All inhabitants of Valashahr district in South of Iran, aged 40–75 years, were invited to(More)
INTRODUCTION Basidiobolomycosis is a rare disease that, unlike other fungal infections, affects immunocompetent individuals. It is caused by an environmental saprophyte named the fungus Basidiobolus ranarum. Basidiobolomycosis usually appears as a subcutaneous infection. GI basidiobolomycosis is an emerging disease, and the colon is the most frequent(More)
Diabetic muscular infarction (DMI) is a rare manifestation which can be seen in patients with long-standing diabetes mellitus. Patients usually come with painful swelling of an involved muscle in one extremity. MRI and biopsy histology can help diagnose this condition. Diabetic dermopathy is another manifestation of patients with diabetes.We present a(More)
BACKGROUND Anomalous use of antibiotics and their entrance into the environment have increased concerns around the world. These compounds enter the environment through an incomplete metabolism and a considerable amount of them cannot be removed using conventional wastewater treatment. Therefore, the main objectives of this research are evaluation of the(More)
BACKGROUND Thalassemia major is a severe hemolytic anemia and the most common single gene abnormality. It is very common in Iran, and needs thorough investigation. If not treated properly, growth failure is one of the most important complications of this disease. This study was designed to evaluate the growth parameters in thalassemic children and compare(More)
Patient care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is complex and expensive, serving to provide optimal outcome as well as the adequate use of resources. Our objective was to determine variables associated with admission practices, processes of care, and clinical outcomes for critically ill patients. Admission records of a 10-bed ICU were gathered during a(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of our study was to evaluate an inexpensive and available method to reduce mucous impactions in mechanically ventilated patients. METHODS This randomized clinical trial was conducted on 40 mechanically ventilated patients aged 15-90 years. The patients were randomly allocated into two arms; 20 cases and 20 controls. The cases(More)
Pulmonary involvement is a common manifestation in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), whereas pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) is rarely seen in SLE. PTE related to anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) is also a rare disease. We have reported a 13-year-old female diagnosed with SLE Two years ago, who is being treated with hydroxychloroquine and(More)
The Budd-Chiari syndrome (BCS) is a rare disorder caused by the obstruction of the hepatic veins or the inferior vena cava (IVC) at the suprahepatic level. This syndrome is developed by either hepatic vein thrombosis or mechanical venous obstruction and leads to centrilobular hepatic congestion with the subsequent development of fibrosis and cirrhosis.(More)