Amir Akramin Shafie

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The use of vascular intersection aberration as one of the signs when monitoring and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy from retina fundus images (FIs) has been widely reported in the literature. In this paper, a new hybrid approach called the combined cross-point number (CCN) method able to detect the vascular bifurcation and intersection points in FIs is(More)
The conventional ways of recognizing faces always assume the possession and heavily relies on extensive and representative datasets, but that is not the case in most real-world situations where more often than not, a very limited or even only single sample per person (SSPP) is available which ultimately rendering most face recognition systems to fail(More)
Recent research in video surveillance system has shown an increasing focus on creating reliable systems utilizing non-computationally expensive technique for observing humans' appearance, movements and activities, thus providing analytical information for advanced human behaviour analysis and realistic human modelling. In order for the system to function,(More)
Human hand recognition plays an important role in a wide range of applications ranging from sign language translators, gesture recognition, augmented reality, surveillance and medical image processing to various Human Computer Interaction (HCI) domains. Human hand is a complex articulated object consisting of many connected parts and joints. Therefore, for(More)
In this paper, a new method of biomedical signal classification using complexvalued pseudo autoregressive (CAR) modeling approach has been proposed. The CAR coefficients were computed from the synaptic weights and coefficients of a split weight and activation function of a feedforward multilayer complex valued neural network. The performance of the proposed(More)
Human hand posture detection and recognition is a challenging problem in computer vision. We introduce an algorithm that is capable to recognize hand posture in a sophisticated background. The system combines two algorithms to achieve better detection rate for hand. Recently Viola et al. in [10] have introduced a rapid object detection scheme; we use this(More)