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The widespread removal of native trees from the agricultural zone and replacement with annual crops and pastures is a major cause of dryland salinity in Australia. It has been recognised that a large proportion of the landscape needs to be replanted to trees to prevent further salinisation. However, for much of the agricultural zone, agroforestry is not an(More)
Interest in biofuels is increasing in Australia due to volatile and rising oil prices, the need to reduce GHG emissions, and the recent introduction of a price on carbon. The seeds of Pongamia (Millettia pinnata) contain oils rich in C18:1 fatty acid, making it useful for the manufacture of biodiesel and other liquid fuels. Preliminary assessments of growth(More)
Pongamia (Millettia pinnata) has been widely studied as a potential feedstock for biodiesel fuel, though little is known about its feasibility at a commercial level. Capital budgeting and cash flow analysis was conducted for a potential Pongamia plantation and crushing plant in Queensland, Australia. For annual seed yields ranging from 20 to 80 kg (in(More)
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