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Cavernous Hemangioma of the Bladder (CHB) is benign and rare lesions. Clinical presentation has no pathognomonic signs although gross painless hematuria is the most frequent complain. CHB is suspected by cystoscopy and radiologic findings and confirmed by pathologic examinations. Management is controversial due to the bleeding risk of this highly(More)
Leiomyoma is a benign smooth muscle tumor which is rarely found in urethra. It often appears in females during their reproductive age (from menarche to menopause); the mean age of their appearance is approximately 41 years. Less than 100 cases were reported in the literature. We hereby report a case of a 52-year-old White woman who presented with complaints(More)
The aim of vaginoplasty should be the creation without excessive morbidity of a neovagina that will be satisfying in appearance, function and feeling. The multitude of methods described in the literature indicates the fact that an ideal approach has not yet been found. In this paper the authors describe the technique for repairing vaginal stenosis by(More)
Kedney matrix stones are a rare form of calculi. Flank pain and urinary tract infections (UTI) are the most common presentations of matrix calculi. The diagnosis is usually made at surgery, but some preoperative radiographic findings might be suggestive. Open surgery was the method of choice for treatment. However, combination of ureterorenoscopy and(More)
This erratum corrects article: “Secondary reconstruction of vaginal stenosis using a posterior labial perforator based Falandry flap”, The Pan African Medical Journal. 2015;21:185. doi:10.11604/pamj.2015.21.185.6559. Pan African Medical Journal. 2016; 24:150 doi:10.11604/pamj.2016.24.150.9193<lb>This article is available online at:(More)
Urethral diverticulum (UD) is defined as a tubular or sacular dilatation that opens into the urethra [1]. It is rare in men and can be congenital or acquired [2]. Its clinical symptomatology is non-specific. Urethro-cystoscopy or urethro-cystography retrograde and voiding make it possible to establish its diagnosis. We present a case of a DU manifested by(More)
Hemangiomas are benign vascular tumors. They are the prerogative of the liver and skin. And genitourinary localizations are rare and have only been rarely reported in the prostat, bladder, ureter or the perineum. In the light of published cases, urethral hemangiomas are mostly found in males. Few cases of hemangioma in the female urethra were reported. We(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital malformations of the seminal vesicle are uncommon, and most of them are cystic malformations. If an insult occurs between the 4th and the 13 h gestational week, the embryogenesis of the kidney, ureter, seminal vesicle, and vas deferens could be altered. Cysts of the seminal vesicle may appear with a mass effect, dysuria, epididymitis,(More)
which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. A 47-year old patient without significant antecedents consulted for a single episode of hematuria. The urine culture was negative. CT highlighted a hydrocalycosis related to extrinsic compression by a vascular pedicle. It corresponds(More)
Mrs. RF 50 years old, is a diabetic on insulin, poorly followed, complicated by optic neuropathy at the stage of preblindness, as well as peripheral arterial disease of the lower limb. She consulted for left back pain. Clinical examination found an afebrile patient with lumbar touch. The Urine dipstick is negative. The biological assessment was correct, the(More)