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compression of acquired digital image data is becoming more and more important to cope with the storage requirements. One of the challenges of compression is to compress images with high efficiently while preserving critical data from getting permanently lost in reconstructed images. In this paper, we introduce a method, which decomposes the image data into(More)
Fingerprints are the most widely used human characteristics for the purpose of people identification. However, touchbased fingerprint systems have some drawbacks due to skin elasticity, inconsistent finger placement, contact pressure, small sensing area, environment conditions and sensor noise. In this paper, we present a contactless fingerprint system(More)
The JPEG2000 is the latest presently image compression standard presented by international standards organization, which enables compressed image at very low bitrates. At a very low bitrate, the reconstructed image provides bad visual quality. At this rate, a variety of artifacts can be distinguished, and the reconstructed image provides bad visual quality.(More)
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