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— We present a general problem formulation for optimal parameter estimation based on quantized observations, with application to antenna array communication and processing (channel estimation, time-of-arrival (TOA) and direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation). The work is of interest in the case when low resolution A/D-converters (ADCs) have to be used to(More)
—The problem how to approximately determine the absolute value of the Fisher information measure for a general parametric probabilistic system is considered. Having available the first and second moment of the system output in a parametric form, it is shown that the information measure can be bounded from below through a replacement of the original system(More)
— We consider the maximization of the overall power efficiency when communicating over a noisy single-input single-output channel while satisfying a certain throughput constraint. The total power dissipation includes the transmit power as well as the analog circuit power consumption. In the context of battery operated short range communication, where low(More)
— In multiple-antenna communications, as bandwidth and modulation order increase, system components must work with demanding tolerances. In particular, high resolution and high sampling rate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are often prohibitively challenging to design. Therefore ADCs for such applications should be low-resolution. This paper provides(More)
— We consider general multi-antenna fading channels with coarsely quantized outputs, where the channel is unknown to the transmitter and receiver. This analysis is of interest in the context of sensor network communication where low power and low cost are key requirements (e.g. standard IEEE 802.15.4 applications). This is also motivated by highly energy(More)