Amina Steinhilber

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the prototype-willingness model (PWM) for eating behaviour in general and in the peer context in order to gain further evidence on the PWM and social-reactive processes in adolescents' eating behaviour. DESIGN A longitudinal study was conducted. PWM variables for unhealthy and healthy eating were assessed at baseline in 356(More)
BACKGROUND Self-regulatory behaviour refers to both controlled and automatic processes. When people are distracted, automatic over controlled processes prevail. This was analysed with regard to nutritional behaviour (food choices, beverage intake) in situations of low or high distraction. METHODS A self-concept Implicit Association Test (IAT) was adapted(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the present research was to examine the regulation of eating behavior among adolescents with a Turkish migration background living in Germany in comparison with adolescent nonmigrants from the host (Germany) and home country (Turkey). The prototype-willingness model (PWM) was chosen and analyzed with respect to differences in mean(More)
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