Amina FAS Teunisse

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The cdk-inhibitor p21(CIP1/WAF1) inhibits the activities of cyclin-dependent kinases and proliferating cell nuclear antigen, thereby repressing cell-cycle progression and DNA replication. Transforming oncogenes, such as E1A of human adenovirus 5 (Ad5), may interfere with such growth-inhibitory proteins. In this study, we show that in various(More)
The cellular transcription co-activators p300 and the CREB-binding protein CBP are cellular targets for transformation by the E1A proteins of non-oncogenic adenovirus 5 (Ad5). In this study, we show that the E1A proteins of oncogenic Ad12, like those of Ad5, can also bind to CBP and that this interaction is direct. In addition, we show that the Ad12 E1A(More)
BACKGROUND In around 50% of all human cancers the tumor suppressor p53 is mutated. It is generally assumed that in the remaining tumors the wild-type p53 protein is functionally impaired. The two main inhibitors of p53, hMDM2 (MDM2) and hMDMX (MDMX/MDM4) are frequently overexpressed in wild-type p53 tumors. Whereas the main activity of hMDM2 is to degrade(More)
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