Amin Sahba

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Object detection is an important area of research in computer vision. One of the challenges in this domain is to detect objects in real time using the minimum resources possible. In this paper, we describe a robust method for real time object detection that can be used on low-profile hardware and needs little training. This approach is based on a discrete(More)
Effective use of critical resources among threads remains a challenge to Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) due to transient behaviors of threads. As Issue Queue (IQ) is regarded as one of most critical shared resources in the pipeline, putting a limit on its occupation by each thread may easily improve the overall throughput, however, such a limit (cap)(More)
Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) provides a method to improve resource uti-lization and performance of superscalar CPUs by sharing key data-path components among multiple independent threads. As threads have unstable behavior, Effective use of critical resources among threads is a challenge to SMT. One of most critical shared resources in the pipeline is(More)
High performance computing (HPC) means the aggregation of computational power to increase the ability of processing large problems in science, engineering, and business. HPC on the cloud allows performing on demand HPC tasks by high performance clusters in a cloud environment. The connection structure of the nodes in HPC clusters should provide fast(More)
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