Amin Saeedfar

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A microwave inverse scattering problem including a method for shape reconstruction of three-dimensional electrically large conducting patches with simple geometries using genetic algorithm is presented. Unknown shape reconstruction algorithm starts from the knowledge of the simulated radar cross-section (RCS) data through back-scattering far-field(More)
Numerical and experimental analyses of dipole impedance in the presence of 3D dielectric body was carried out. For the numerical computations, the mixed-domain method-of-moments (MoM) using polynomial expansion and finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method were applied. Accuracy of the previously proposed MoM for high-permittivity material was(More)
An integral equation approach with a new solution procedure using moment method (MoM) is applied for the computation of coupled currents on the surface of a printed dipole antenna and inside its high-permittivity three-dimensional dielectric substrate. The main purpose of this study is to validate the accuracy and reliability of the previously proposed MoM(More)
In this paper, a hybrid-domain Galerkin-based MoM was introduced for an accurate and efficient solution of the tensor-volume integral equation (TVIE) using three-dimensional modified Legendre polynomial expansion. It was shown by numerical results that the proposed approach combines the geometric flexibility inherent in sub-domain expansion with(More)
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