Amin Sadri

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Recently, mining information in sports video data, especially soccer video, has become an active research topic. In this paper, a new algorithm for detection of expected goal events in soccer video is proposed. The proposed algorithm is composed of two main steps. Firstly, video is segmented into its constituent shots and these shots are categorized into(More)
  • Amin Sadri
  • 2016
Determining the behaviour and habits of individuals and the structure and dynamics of organizations needs human activity modeling from large-scale sensor data. The data can be derived from sensors embedded in smartphones, which have become an integral part of our daily lives. The analysis of the smartphone data provides valuable information about the users'(More)
Human activity modeling from large-scale sensor data is an emerging domain. We present a framework to classify days into two groups: weekends and weekdays. The data collected by Device Analyzer, an Android application managed by University of Cambridge, includes cell tower connectivity data, from which physical location can be derived. Since the location(More)
A new method for image registration has been previously proposed by the authors, which the registration is based on physical forces. The registration parameters are translation and rotation. This method assumes images like charged materials that attract each other. In this case, one of the images moves in the same direction as the applied force while the(More)
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