Amin Rahati

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Protein structure prediction (PSP) is one of the most challenging problems in the field of structural bioinformatics. Determining native conformation of a protein can affect its functions and plays an important role in drug design and disease prediction. Therefore, researchers are trying to come up with different techniques in order to find more precise(More)
Managing a dialogue between a student and an intelligent tutoring system is a challenging problem for many applications. It has often been argued and demonstrated that adaptive dialogues between a user and a computer can be generated automatically, using automated planning techniques to plan speech acts. To date such plan-based dialogue generation(More)
Metaheuristic algorithms have successfully tackled many difficult and ill-conditioned optimization problems. Nevertheless, performance of these methods is subjected to the complexity and fitness landscape of the problem at hand. Accordingly, designing metaheuristic algorithms that work well on a variety of optimization problems is not a trivial task. In(More)
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