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The endoscopic extraperitoneal hernioplasty as reported in this study is a similar repair to that achieved by the conventional preperitoneal repair as described by Stoffa, Nyhus, and Rignault. However, this new repair is completed via a totally extraperitoneal approach. Thus, it eliminates all early and late complications related to the violation of the(More)
This article describes an architecture for the recognition of three-dimensional objects on the basis of viewer centred representations and temporal associations. Considering evidence from psychophysics, neurophysiology, as well as computer science we have decided to use a viewer centred approach for the representation of three-dimensional objects. Even(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined factors influencing clinicians' decisions about disposition of patients seen in a psychiatric emergency service. METHODS A stratified random unduplicated retrospective sample of 378 patient records was drawn from the records of 1,823 patients who visited the emergency service of an acute care psychiatric hospital in Israel(More)
This paper introduces the Neural Active Vision System NAVIS. It it able to explore visually its environment, locates interesting 2D and 3D objects and recognizes them under control of several invariance capabilities. Emphasis has been put on the system’s biological plausibility as well as on its computational costs and the integration aspects. The(More)
We propose an architecture for the recognition of three-dimensional objects on the basis of viewer centered representations and temporal associations. Motivated by biological ndings and by successful computational implementations we have chosen a viewer centered representation scheme. In contrast to other implementations , special attention is paid to the(More)