Amin Mahnam

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Knowing of the spatial extent of neural activation around extracellular stimulating electrodes is necessary to ensure that only the desired neurons are activated or to determine which neurons are responsible for an observed response. Various approaches have been used to estimate the current-distance relationship and thereby the spatial extent of activation(More)
Burst firing plays an important role in normal neuronal function and dysfunction. In Purkinje neurons, where the firing rate and discharge pattern encode the timing signals necessary for motor function, any alteration in firing properties, including burst activity, may affect the motor output. Therefore, we examined whether maternal exposure to the(More)
Measurement of the stroke volume (SV) and its changes over time can be very helpful for diagnosis of dysfunctions in the blood circulatory system and monitoring their treatments. Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a simple method of measuring the SV based on changes in the instantaneous mean impedance of the thorax. This method has received much attention in(More)
Human computer interfaces (HCI) provide new channels of communication for people with severe motor disabilities to state their needs, and control their environment. Some HCI systems are based on eye movements detected from the electrooculogram. In this study, a wearable HCI, which implements a novel adaptive algorithm for detection of saccadic eye movements(More)
It is important to know the spatial extent of neural activation around the stimulating electrodes when using extracellular electrical stimulation for the determination of the structure and function of neural circuit connections or for the restoration of function. The current-distance relationship quantifies the relationship between the threshold current for(More)
Portable wireless neuro-stimulators have been developed to facilitate long-term cognitive and behavioral studies on the central nervous system in freely moving animals. These stimulators can provide precisely controllable input(s) to the nervous system, without distracting the animal attention with cables connected to its body. In this study, a low power(More)
OBJECTIVE Intra-peritoneal administration of riluzole has been shown to preserve the membrane properties and firing characteristics of Purkinje neurons in a rat model of cerebellar ataxia induced by 3-acetylpyridine (3-AP). However, the exact mechanism(s) by which riluzole restores the normal electrophysiological properties of Purkinje neurons is not(More)
Interferential current (IFC) is one of the most popular electrical currents used in electrotherapy. However, there have been limited studies investigating how this stimulation affects the nerve fibers. The aim of this computational study was to evaluate the temporal and spatial patterns of fiber activation in IFC therapy for different modulation and carrier(More)
Wet Ag/AgCl electrodes, although very popular in clinical diagnosis, are not appropriate for expanding applications of wearable biopotential recording systems which are used repetitively and for a long time. Here, the development of a low-cost and low-noise active dry electrode is presented. The performance of the new electrodes was assessed for recording(More)
Here we present a modeling for electrical stimulation of retinal ganglion cell. This modeling can be used in epiretinal prosthesis to come up with proper electrical stimulation parameters. The model that we present is a novel one based on the anatomy of the cell. The excitation process of the electrically stimulated retinal cells is simulated in a two step(More)
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