Amin Ghazanfari

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In order to minimize electric grid power consumption, energy harvesting from ambient RF sources is considered as a promising technique for wireless charging of low-power devices. To illustrate the design considerations of RF-based ambient energy harvesting networks, this article first points out the primary challenges of implementing and operating such(More)
In this paper, we consider a single-cell system where the same radio resources are simultaneously used by a cellular user and a pair of device-to-device (D2D) terminals. The optimization objective is to minimize the sum transmission power of the system while satisfying the user specific minimum rate constraints. We propose joint power control and(More)
This paper presents an effective control scheme in dc microgrids to precisely share the load current oscillatory and dc components among distributed generation (DG) units. The proposed control strategy includes current and voltage control blocks. The current control block consists of an oscillatory current sharing and dc current sharing units. The main idea(More)
Topology has significant effects on the most important parameters of a network such as latency and power consumption. The sphere based topology is a new structure for Network-on-Chips that forms in sphere shape. We have used a Zone-Order label based algorithm for the routing that is a general algorithm for routing requirements, and it is based on spanning(More)
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