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Power amplifiers require linearization in order to reduce adjacent inter-modulation distortion without losing efficiency. Digital predistortion is a cost effective method to achieve this goal and it needs an accurate model of the amplifier. Most of the amplifier models are based on memoryless modeling. This kind of modeling is simple but it’s not(More)
The Physical layer architectures for the next generation of wireless devices will be characterized by a high degree of flexibility for real-time adaptation to communication conditions variability. OFDM-based architectures are strong candidates for the Physical layer implementation in 5G systems and one of the most important baseband processing operations(More)
As the number of wireless devices, services, communication standards and respective modes of operation rapidly grows, the design of reconfigurable digital baseband processing systems for radio devices becomes more important and challenging. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is among the most relevant wireless systems in 4G communications and its waveform is(More)
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