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Keywords: Total earliness and tardiness Makespan Just-in-Time Controllable processing times Unrelated parallel machines a b s t r a c t Job scheduling has always been a challenging task in modern manufacturing and the most real life scheduling problems which involves multi-criteria and multi-machine environments. In this research our direction is largely(More)
A multi-criteria scheduling problem with the goal of minimizing the maximum completion time, so called makespan as well as earliness and tardiness penalties simultaneously on unrelated parallel machines is studied in this research in which jobs are sequence dependent setup times (SDST) and due dates are distinct. Jobs processing cost/time on different(More)
This paper develops a mathematical model in dynamic virtual cellular manufacturing systems with the multi-period cell formation problem, production planning, dynamic virtual system reconfiguration and training workers. Since workers have important role in doing jobs on machines, assignment of workers to cells becomes a crucial factor in cellular(More)
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