Amilu Rothhammer

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Fragestellung. Das Vorliegen atypischer Cholinesterase führt zur Verlängerung der neuromuskulären Blockade nach Succinylcholin- und Mivacuriumgabe mit potenziellen klinischen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Nachteilen. Durch die rechtzeitige Bestimmung der Dibucainzahl können Individuen erkannt werden, bei denen ein entsprechendes Risiko besteht. Die(More)
Tramadol-HCl was used clinically in the form of a continuous infusion as the analgesic component of a balanced anaesthetic technique. In over 90% of the anaesthetics a further injection of barbiturate and/or supplementary muscle relaxant was necessary because the patients did not tolerate the operative procedure. Although a higher dosage of Tramadol reduces(More)
In five patients with acute respiratory insufficiency the changes in tracheal pressure (P), lung volume (V) and transthoracic electric impedance TEI (Z) were measured during delayed expiration all over the inspiratory capacity (IC) from TLC to FRC. The quasi-static V/Z- and Z/P-curves were two-dimensionally displayed, and the Z/P-curve was volume-calibrated(More)
This prospective randomized study compares the effects of rocuronium (R) and vecuronium (V) on the early postoperative period in infants. Forty-eight infants between the ages of three and six, scheduled for elective ENT procedures, were studied after prior approval of local ethics committee and informed parental consent. All children were premedicated with(More)
PURPOSE Monitoring tissue oxygenation in the splanchnic region could be helpful for critically ill patients. In this study the postoperative course of gastric mucosal CO2 (prCO2) in 40 patients is shown. METHODS Following approval of the ethics committee, 24 patients schedulded for surgery with an expected large fluid turnover and 16 multiple injured(More)
Using autotransplants of an autonomous intestinal muscle segment a sphincter substitute and consequently a continent colostomy can be produced in humans and dogs. The histological study of the intestinal muscle section resected 1--28 weeks after implantation shows, in dogs, a good healing process and vascularization of the transplant muscle, which explains(More)
A continent colostomy was performed on 15 mongrel dogs by free transplantation of autologous smooth muscle. The myoelectrical observations of this colostomy and of a 3 years old human transplant show a vital and high active sphincter mechanism.