Amil Ahmad Ilham

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This research analyzed the use of daubechies wavelet as a feature extraction and confusion matrix as the principal parameter of accuracy percentage level in neural network. Detection process began with image pre-processing, lung area segmentation, feature extraction, and training phase. Classifications of the system output consisted of normal lung, pleural(More)
Recently, the wireless sensor network has been widely deployed for medical care purpose. We have developed a wireless sensor network that can monitor the patients' pulse status for triage purpose, so that a medical team can monitor remotely the health condition of patient and they can treat the patient based on severity of patients' health condition. We(More)
Disasters create mass casualties and the number of casualties usually surpasses the capability of medical resources, hence, medical teams must attach paper triage to casualties for determining the priority of treatments based on the severity of their condition. However, since casualties' condition could change at anytime, the paper triage cannot provide the(More)
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