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Hydrogen plays a significant role in the formation of nanodiamond, terminating diamond surfaces and removing sp 2 bonded atoms from the surface during CVD diamond growth. However, there are only a few calculations that simulate nanodiamond development directly, and even less that do so in a hydrogen-containing environment. Recently, nanoscale graphitic(More)
5 ~ n a separate experiment using a mixed pion-electron beam, we measured the efficiency of our shower dc-tector for counting pions of various energies. This information was used along with measured pion electro-production cross sections to predict in a llontc Carlo calculation the pion contamination. The Monte Carlo agreed with the magnet reversed(More)
  • E Achtermann, B H '&usler, +18 authors N Horwitz
  • 2005
The A dependence of TO photoproduction is found to be almost independent of energy in this range in contrast to vector-meson dominance predictions. The direct coupling of photons to vector mesons leads to the somewhat surprising result that pho-tons appear to be strongly absorbed in nuclear matter despite total photon-nucleon c r o s s s e c-tions which(More)
  • C J Bebek, A Browman, +7 authors L K Sisterson
  • 2005
L a b o r a t o y , We report new m e a s u r e m e n t s of inclusive pion electroproduction. Data w e r e taken with a hydrogen t a r g e t a t the (w , Q ') points (2.2 GeV,1.2 G ~ v ~) , Two of the predictions of the parton-quark model of nucleon structure a r e that the inclusive cross section for particle production will display Bjorken scaling1 and(More)
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