Amiera Darwish

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We describe the synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of two new complexes, one decanuclear iron(III) cluster and one hexanuclear mixed-valence manganese(II/III) cluster, where the previously unexplored polydentate ligand Bis-tris propane {(CH2OH)3CNH(CH2)3NHC(CH2OH)3} is used to link small cluster fragments into high-nuclearity complexes.
A species of Amblyospora-infecting neurones of Culex pipiens is described. Diplokaryotic meronts, which divided by binary fission, were distinguished at the electron microscope level by their unthickened plasma membranes. Sporonts with an electron-dense surface coat gave rise to eight uninucleate sporoblasts within a sporophorous vesicle, cytoplasmic(More)
A microsporidium was found infecting the fat body of larvae and adults of both sexes of Culex pipiens in Egypt. Developmental stages were found in larvae but only masses of spores were present in adults. The infection was easily visible in live mosquito larvae, as one or two blocks of opaque whitish fat body visible through the cuticle in each segment.(More)
Reaction of bicine {BicH3, N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)glycine} with an Fe(III) oxo-centered pivalate triangle in MeCN in the presence of Et2NH yields [Et2NH2]2[Fe6O2(OH)2(Bic)2(O2CCMe3)8], which possesses an S = 5 ground state. Changing the base to NaOMe produces [Fe12O4(Bic)4(HBic)4(O2CCMe3)8], which contains two Fe6 units bridged by the carboxylate arms from(More)
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