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Oncogenic BRAF alleles are both necessary and sufficient for cellular transformation, suggesting that chemical inhibition of the activated mutant protein kinase may reverse the tumor phenotype. Here, we report the characterization of SB-590885, a novel triarylimidazole that selectively inhibits Raf kinases with more potency towards B-Raf than c-Raf.(More)
Druggability assessment of a target protein has emerged in recent years as an important concept in hit-to-lead optimization. A reliable and physically relevant measure of druggability would allow informed decisions on the risk of investing in a particular target. Here, we define "druggability" as a quantitative estimate of binding sites and affinities for a(More)
The important anticancer drug paclitaxel binds to the beta-subunit of the alphabeta-tubulin dimer in the microtubule in a stoichiometric ratio, promoting microtubule polymerization and stability. The conformation of microtubule-bound drug has been the subject of intense study, and various suggestions have been proposed. In previous work we presented(More)
Background: Molecular mechanics (MM) and quantum chemical (QM) calculations are widely applied and powerful tools for the stereochemical and conformational investigations of molecules. The same methods have been extensively used to probe the conformational profile of Taxol (Figure 1) both in solution and at the β-tubulin protein binding site.
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