Ami Matsuno

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Maternal rhythms entrain the prenatal and neonatal circadian clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) before light entrainment is established. However, the responsible time cues for maternal entrainment are not identified. To examine the role of cyclic changes of ambient temperature in maternal entrainment, blind neonatal rats carrying a clock gene (Per2)(More)
A 13-day-old infant with multiple teratisms of the oral cavity was scheduled for resection of the epignathus. Her oral cavity was occupied by large epignathus, submandibular tumor, congenital bifid tongue and cleft palate, but she had no other congenital abnormalities. We anticipated that an endotracheal intubation would be difficult because of the large(More)
We describe a case of Freeman-Sheldon syndrome that presented some problems for anesthetic management. A 2-yr-old girl required orthopedic surgery for the bilateral lower extremities. Anesthesia was induced via a mask with oxygen (2 l.min-1), nitrous oxide (4 l.min-1) and sevoflurane (approximately 5%). Tracheal intubation by direct laryngoscopy was(More)
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