Ami Eyal

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We propose the use of application semantics to enhance the process of semantic reconciliation. Application semantics involves those elements of business reasoning that affect the way concepts are presented to users: their layout, and so on. In particular , we pursue in this article the notion of precedence, in which temporal constraints determine the order(More)
A semantic topology is a peer overlay network connected via semantic links, constructed using schema mappings and used for peer querying. The large-scale and dynamic environments of P2P networks dictate the use of automatic schema matching, which was shown to carry with it a degree of uncertainty. Therefore, peers prefer network topologies that improve(More)
Liquid-liquid extraction and membrane separation are well-known separation method of extensive industrial application. Their incorporation into liquid membranes has the potential of several advantages, some of which are of particular interest for the recovery of carboxylic and amino acids: selectivities higher than those attainable by current separation(More)
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