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Schwannomas are benign, slowly growing nerve sheath tumours. They can arise from any peripheral nerve containing Schwann cells including distal portions of cranial nerves. The optic and olfactory nerves do not have a Schwann cell layer and therefore do not develop schwannomas. We report a very unusual case of a young woman who presented with partial(More)
Tensile tests were carried out on ribbons of perimysial connective tissue dissected from slices of bovine semitendinosus muscles that had been conditioned or not conditioned and then cooked to a range of temperatures. A consistent reduction in the strength of the perimysia was seen in the conditioned samples, both in the raw meat and meat cooked to 50°C. At(More)
Paradoxical reaction (PR) in tuberculosis (TB) is common and may affect up to 25% of patients. PR has the potential to cause significant morbidity and, on occasion, death. Although PR has been recognised for some time, the pathophysiology, especially in HIV-negative patients, is not well understood. We present two cases of PR in HIV-negative patients with(More)
Oxidized low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (OX-LDL), a reactive oxidant, forms when reactive oxygen species interact with LDL. Elevated OX-LDL may contribute to high blood pressure associated with diseases such as diabetes and obesity. The current study objective was to determine if OX-LDL is a vasoconstrictor acting through the OX-LDL receptor (LOX1) on(More)
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