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The exploration of spatial patterns of abundance and diversity patterns along precipitation gradients has focused for centuries on plants and animals; microbial profiles along such gradients are largely unknown. We studied the effects of soil pH, nutrient concentration, salinity, and water content on bacterial abundance and diversity in soils collected from(More)
Bacteria and nutrients were determined in upper soil samples collected underneath and between canopies of the dominant perennial in each of three sites along a steep precipitation gradient ranging from the Negev desert in the south of Israel to a Mediterranean forest in the north. Bacterial abundance, monitored by phospholipid fatty acid analysis, was(More)
Photographic analysis was used to examine morphological differences in the oral disc of n=1196 living polyps of Favia speciosa Dana (1846) sampled from four sites in the Wakatobi Marine National Park, Indonesia. Although oral disc size attributes differed significantly between the study sites, the geographic difference accounted for only a small fraction of(More)
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