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Broadband variations of slot cut shorted 60° Sectoral microstrip antenna using multi-resonator technique, are proposed. The slot tunes the spacing between TM1/41 and TM1/4,0 modes of the shorted patch, to yield broader bandwidth. The gap-coupled variation of slot cut shorted 60° Sectoral patch with shorted 60° Sectoral patch yields(More)
Broadband 90° isosceles triangular microstrip antenna derived from equivalent equilateral triangular microstrip antenna, is proposed. The parametric study for variation in isosceles angle from 50° to 90° is presented. The increasing angle tunes the spacing between TM10 and TM11 modes of the triangular patch to realize broadband(More)
Microstrip line fed elliptical shaped ultra wide band antenna with and without elliptical slot is presented. The elliptical patch yields bandwidth of 12.6 GHz with a peak gain of 3.0 dBi. Further, a parametric study for the elliptical slot cut inside the elliptical patch is presented. The elliptical slot optimizes the resonance frequencies of fundamental(More)
The notch cut circular microstrip antenna to realize circular polarization on thinner substrate is proposed. The notch degenerates fundamental TM11 mode into two orthogonal modes, to yield circular polarization. To improve upon the gain and bandwidth, its three layer suspended configuration is proposed. It yields VSWR and axial ratio BW of 60 and 15 MHz,(More)
Rectangular slot cut compact shorted 90° Sectoral Microstrip Antenna is proposed. An analysis to investigate the effect of rectangular slot which yields broader bandwidth is presented. The slot does not introduce any new mode but it reduces the resonance frequency of second order TM1/4,1 mode of the shorted patch. Due to its coupling with fundamental(More)
Analysis of ultra-wideband antenna for Sectoral shaped microstrip patch for angle increasing from 90° to 330°, for realized bandwidth and gain is presented. To optimize the individual patches, center or offset feed microstrip line is used. A bandwidth of around 15 GHz is obtained, in Sectoral patches with angle increasing from 90° to(More)
Analysis of proximity fed circularly polarized square patch antenna with multiple triangular notches is presented. The triangular notch tunes the spacing between TM<sub>10</sub> and TM<sub>01</sub> modes to yield circular polarization. Further a design of single triangular notch cut square patch antenna is also proposed which gives similar axial ratio(More)
A circularly polarized microstrip reflectarray antenna with a microstrip antenna feed and patches having variable rotation angles is proposed. A parametric study for three different configurations, namely a single patch, 1 &#x00D7; 3 and 3 &#x00D7; 1 array is presented. The plus-shaped and 3 &#x00D7; 3 array configurations have also been studied. It is(More)